Thursday, January 12, 2012

Borrow my book for free

Do you know about Amazon Kindle Owner's Lending Library? 

You can borrow books for free.  

Customers borrowed 295,000 KDP Select titles in December alone. 

Go ahead - feel free to "borrow" my book.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Please take the quiz and answer in the comments section below

Opinion Poll:

Two men break into a home. The owner shoots them. One dies. The other is charged with murder. What do you think?

A guy has pornographic photographs of children on his computer. He never molested a child. He gets life in prison. What do you think?

A decorated policeman runs a mob of drug traffickers and gun sales. He gets put in prison for life and appeals because he has "no criminal history." What do you think?

A rapist gets life in prison. What do you think?

A man is scheduled for execution for murder. Hundreds of thousands of people sign a petition that new evidence demonstrates he was innocent. He is executed anyway. What do you think?

Should governors get more "time" in sentencing than CEO's when they're both guilty of "funny money?" What do you think?

What crimes should be sentenced with the highest sentences?

Murderers (premeditated, serial killers, domestic abuse), pedophiles (which ones - the ones who look at pornography, the ones who sexually abuse small children, those who have sex with teenagers?), the Ponzi scheme millionaires? What do you think?

What should the goals of sentencing be? What should be accomplished in sentencing those who are convicted of crimes?

Do you still believe that prison should include rehabilitation and re-entry into society?