Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Anti-James Frey? Interview with the Author

                D and B Workshop Publishing Division Press Release
               “The Fugitive’s Doctor” by Deirdre Elizabeth Parker:   

FLORIDA……It was announced on YouTube by the spokeswoman for the author of the novel, The Fugitive’s Doctor, that Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker may be the anti-James Frey.
            James Frey published a memoir, A Million Little Pieces, that received national media attention, including by Oprah Winfrey. It was later revealed that the book contained fiction. Publishing industry standards dictate that a memoir must be absolutely true.
            Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker’s novel, The Fugitive’s Doctor, was recently released and presented as fiction.
            In a YouTube interview it was disclosed that most of the story is based upon fact.
            In the video, she states:  “I cannot risk publishing a memoir like this because it polarizes people and some of them turn against me for the choices I made. So I have published it as a novel.”
The book tells the story of a doctor who meets her husband on the Internet and who is deceived for 8 years of a very happy marriage about her husband’s status as an escaped felon from federal prison.  Once he is apprehended, she chooses to help him navigate the complex criminal justice system.
In the interview, the spokesperson states:  “It may also make readers begin to wonder how well they know the people they love. It may cause some to worry about the people they are dating and question whether they know enough about their past.”
           The book deals with issues of criminal justice, social justice, the basic tenets of Christianity, unconditional love, forgiveness and ultimate salvation. It is dedicated to women who make painful choices for love and it honors families who visit their loved ones in prison and have knowledge of that “alternative universe.”
            Critical acclaim so far has been favorable:
            WTF Are You Reading? review stated that:  “This book also serves as a testament to the good and evil of the American justice system and the trials and tribulations endured by both the incarcerated and the families that they leave on the "outside". This story will serve as notice to even the most jaded soul that with "unconditional love" there is no price that is too high except that of its loss.”
The Book Garden Review states:  The Fugitive’s Doctor will mesmerize you from the very beginning.”

            Best ‘O Books Reviewer said, “This book is labeled as "literature & fiction", yet it almost fooled me into thinking it was really a true-life memoir.”
Kirkus review called it:  “A compelling tale of the ultimate faithful wife,”

            When asked how much of the book is based upon truth, she responded “Most names and many places and dates were altered. Everything about Doretha and Sam is true.  Everything about their lives is true.  The fiction in the book consists of the chapters that deal with Sam’s childhood because, quite simply, I wasn’t there.”
            “The Fugitive’s Doctor” is available on Amazon and
The interview may be seen on YouTube at:

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