Friday, December 23, 2011

Visiting Prison

Visiting a loved one in prison is always bittersweet because, when the visit is over, the loved one cannot go home with you.

Toward the end of the visiting time, there are usually announcements like, "Another group is leaving; anyone wishing to leave at this time should come to the desk."

That is when I say, "Come on, here's your chance, they said anyone who wishes to leave...."

Christmas is tough. You can't send or bring in any gifts.  The Christmas dinner is from vending machines.

Happy holidays to all those loving familes who will be visting loved ones in prisons this season. May joy fill your heart and may you bring joy to those you love.


  1. This sounds like a tough place to spend Christmas. I am sure visiting a loved one under these conditions isn't easy- but thank goodness you visited. My aunt and uncle (really cousins, but we call them aunt and uncle)- will be visiting there son in prison for Christmas for the first time this year. Their son got caught up in drugs and broke into houses and will be in jail for 3 years. Reading this post made me think about what they must be going through. I will have to give them extra hugs when I see them.

    Thanks for sharing-

  2. Eextra hugs are definitely in order. Thanks for sharing